What does a high ABI mean?

An ABI ratio of 0.9 or less means you have PAD. An ABI ratio between 0.4 and 0.7 means you have moderate PAD. An ABI ratio less than 0.4 means you have severe PAD. An ABI ratio higher than 1.4 could mean the blood vessels in your limbs are stiff due to advanced age or … Read more

What is paraffin cream used for?

Paraffin is used as an emollient to treat itchy, dry or scaly skin conditions – these include, but are not limited to, eczema, psoriasis and ichthyosis. The dermatologist adds that paraffin is known to clog pores and can also be harmful if swallowed because of the fact that it does not break down easily. “In … Read more

What format is data stored as text?

The CSV format is a comma-delimited format. All data values in a plain text file are stored as a series of characters. Even numbers are stored as characters. Each character is stored in computer memory as one or two bytes. A text file is a computer file that only contains text and has no special … Read more

Can you give Polyglycan IM?

While Polyglycan is approved for equine use, it is not approved for intravenous administration. However, it is often administered by that route rather than intramuscularly. Polyglycan by Arthrodynamic Technologies is a sterile surgical lavage designed to be used after surgery to replace synovial fluid. Polyglycan is made with the same naturally occurring components of synovial … Read more

Is a purchase and sale agreement binding?

A purchase and sale agreement is a legally binding contract that creates obligations and rights for sellers and buyers. They usually apply to transactions involving the sale of products, not services. Purchase Agreements A purchase agreement is a legal document that is signed by both the buyer and the seller. Once it is signed by … Read more

What does silica do to skin?

“Silica gives you a glow because it is a strong carrier of oxygen, and it increases the transport of both nutrients and oxygen to the skin,” she explains. “It helps red blood cells to carry 20 percent more oxygen, and because of that, the skin stays more hydrated as well. Silica also helps stabilize the … Read more

Why is ice slippery?

Because ice is less dense than liquid water, its melting point is lowered under high pressures. A long-standing theory says that this is what causes ice to be slippery: As you step on it, the pressure of your weight causes the top layer to melt into water. Just a layer of water will not do … Read more

How does a car seat warmer work?

Heated seats are powered by a heating element, a long strip of material that functions as a resistor. A resistor resists the flow of electricity. When electric current flows through it, the energy is turned into heat, which flows through the seat, warming the rider. Studies have linked excessive use of seat warmers to a … Read more