Does Community College of Philadelphia offer online courses?

Community College of Philadelphia provides a variety of courses and degree programs online and in hybrid (classroom/online) environments. Online courses are just as rigorous and demanding as our classroom courses.

Online community colleges offer affordable, two-year degrees for students who cannot commute to campus, or for those who prefer to study remotely. Most schools deliver coursework asynchronously, allowing distance learners to study and complete assignments at their convenience.

Also, is Community College of Philadelphia accredited? Community College of Philadelphia is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, a unit of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Herein, how do I apply to Community College of Philadelphia?

Apply Online Complete the online application today to take the first step toward becoming a student at Community College of Philadelphia. After you complete the online application, we will send you a letter that provides instructions for completing the next step in the enrollment process.

What courses does CCP offer?

degree programs:

  • Accounting.
  • American Sign Language/English Interpreting (INT)*
  • Applied Science and Engineering Technology.
  • Automotive Technology.
  • Behavioral Health/Human Services.
  • Building Science.
  • Business Leadership.
  • Computer Information Systems – Information Technology.

Are online classes cheaper at community college?

Colleges and universities that offer online degree programs typically will be cheaper than going to a traditional brick-and-mortar university for a variety of reasons. Also, students do not have costs associated with commuting to a college campus.

What is the cheapest online college?


How much does online community college cost?

Online College Prices vs. On-Capmus Prices Undergraduate On-Campus Undergraduate Online Tuition and fees $28,588*Includes fees such as $52.62 per credit hour $16,580*Includes fees such as $52.62 per credit hour Books and supplies $1,200 $1,200 Computer/Cellphone $1,260 $1,260 Housing $5,420 N/A

Do community colleges offer 300 level courses?

Credits from Community Colleges. Community college courses which are equivalent in content to university upper-division courses (course numbers 300-499) will be transferable as equivalents, but with lower-division credit.

Does CCP have night classes?

Day, evening and weekend classes are available for full-time and part-time students, and both credit and noncredit courses can be taken at the Main Campus, our three Regional Centers, and neighborhood and corporate locations.

How do I drop a class at CCP online?

IV. Withdrawals from Courses Students may withdraw from a course(s) but must do so by the published deadline for each term. Students may drop a class via MyCCP or by completing the necessary form, available from the Office of Student Records and Registration, and submitting the form to this same office.

What does Inet mean in college?

INET Intrenet, Inc. Business » NASDAQ Symbols INET Information Networking Education and Transaction Computing » Networking — and more INET International Networking for Educational Transformation Community » Educational INET Institute for New Economy Technologies Governmental » Economy — and more

How much is a semester at CCP?

Estimated Cost Per Semester Pennsylvania Resident Tuition Per Semester $4,632 Pennsylvania Resident Total Cost Per Semester $11,264 Non-Pennsylvania Resident Tuition Per Semester $6,948 Non-Pennsylvania Resident Total Cost Per Semester $13,580

What states have free community college?

Eleven states — Oregon, Nevada, Arkansas, New Jersey, Maryland, Tennessee, New York, Rhode Island, Delaware, Kentucky, and Indiana — already have these programs in place and nine more are working on legislation to do so.

Is Community College of Philadelphia free?

Community College of Philadelphia Makes Tuition Free for Motivated Students. Each year at the Community College of Philadelphia, hundreds apply, meet the academic standards, get federal financial aid, but it’s still not enough and they can’t afford to enroll.

How do I register for classes at CCP?

1. Log in to MyCCP. Log in to MyCCP. The first screen shown is your Home screen. Click on “Enrollment Services,” then click on the “Search for Courses/Register Online” link. Click on “Register (CCP STUDENTS ONLY)” Select the term you want to register for from the drop-down menu, and then click Continue.

How many credits is full time at CCP?


Does it cost money to apply to community college?

And community colleges are known for low cost, especially compared to four-year schools. Yes, some students get spectacular deals at four-year schools, but most don’t. For a student who’s just scraping by, a $5,000 tuition bill registers as fantastical, but a $25 application fee is real money.

How much is a credit at CCP?

Philadelphia residents pay $159 per credit hour. Other Pennsylvanians pay $318 per credit hour plus a $10 nonresident capital fee per credit. Non-Pennsylvanians pay $477 per credit hour plus a $20 nonresident capital fee per credit.