What are the Dobre brothers names?

The four brothers — Lucas, Marcus, Cyrus and Darius — have gained a global following with their backflips, dance moves, comedy, stunts and original music (including songs “You Know You Lit” and “Bumpin’”). The Dobre Brothers are sons of Romanian gymnast and Olympic medalist Aurelia Dobre.

Dobre has three brothers, Lucas, Darius, and Marcus Dobre, with who he makes his videos.

Also, how many Dobre brothers are there? four brothers

Beside above, what ages are the Dobre brothers?


  • Lucas Dobre, 21.
  • Marcus Dobre, 21.
  • Cyrus Dobre, 26.
  • Darius Dobre, 24.

What language do the Dobre brothers speak?

The brothers are most comfortable speaking kinetically. Acrobatics are a shared language in the Dobre home. Their mother, Aurelia, a Romanian immigrant, was an Olympic medalist in gymnastics.

Is Darius Dobre married?

The 24-year-old handsome hunk, Darius Dobre is in an open relationship with Madeline Damskey. She is an Instagram celebrity famous for her day to day lifestyle with friends and family. Madeline further is active on Instagram since 2012.

Does Cyrus Dobre have a kid?

Personal life and career. Cyrus was born in Maryland to retired Olympic gymnast Aurelia Dobre and Boz Mofid, from Baltimore, Maryland. They have four boys, Darius and twins Lucas and Marcus.

How old is Ivanita Lomeli age?

Ivanita Lomeli was born on 25 October 1997. Ivanita Lomeli is 22 years old.

How did Dobre brothers get rich?

Dobre Brothers Net Worth – $18 Million They upload new videos every Friday and Saturday. Lucas and Marcus run their own separate channel from the rest of the brothers and both channels build off each other. Future plans for the channel is to release more music videos and maybe end up being signed with a record label.

Does Marcus have a girlfriend?

Marcus Dobre’s New Girlfriend Ariana Grande ( CUTE!! ??)

How old is Lucas dobres girlfriend?

Ivanita Lomeli – Girlfriend of Lucas Dobre Date of Birth October 25, 1997 Age 22 Birthplace Virginia, US Zodiac Scorpio Nationality American

Are the Dobre brothers rich?

The brothers have plans to make more music, so they might sign with a record label someday. They’re currently on a 21-stop tour, so they’re probably making money off those ticket sales. Together, the Dobre Brothers are worth millions. According to NailBuzz, their net worth sits at around $3 million.

How old is Marcus and Lucas?

Lucas and Marcus Dobre, an American dancing duo and youtube personalities, are born on 28 January 1999 in Maryland, USA. They are 20 years old now and have an almost same appearance.

Who is older Ivanita and Lucas?

Lucas and his twin brother Marcus were born on January 28th, 1999 in Maryland, and grew up alongside their two elder brothers, Darius and Cyrus. All four of them are known in the YouTube social networking platform as the Dobre Brothers.

When was Ivanita Lomeli born?

October 25, 1997

How old is Marcus Dobre now?

21 years (January 28, 1999)

Do Dobre brothers have a sister?

this is a story about the dobre brothers Lucas, Marcus, Darius and Cyrus when they find out that they have a 25 year old sister name Olivia who is also Cyrus’s twin who moved away with her nan when she was born but her nan recently passed away so she is coming back to live with her mum and family.

Is Marcus and Lucas still alive?

Lucas and Marcus. Gaithersburg, Maryland, U.S. Lucas and Marcus Dobre-Mofid (born January 28, 1999), collectively known as The Dobre Twins, are an American dancing duo and YouTube personalities who rose to prominence on the now-defunct video application Vine.

How old is Darius Dobre today?

How old is Darius Dobre in days now? Darius Dobre is 24 years 5 months 29 days old.