What does effervescent personality mean?

Something effervescent has bubbles or froth, like a sparkling wine or a bubble bath. If you have a happy, light, cheerful personality — if you are “bubbly” — you too are effervescent. Remember, someone with an effervescent personality is just bubbly, not full of gas!

effervescence noun [U] (FIZZY) the fact that bubbles of gas are produced or exist in a liquid, or the bubbles themselves: Carbonated water has absorbed carbon dioxide, which produces effervescence.

Also, is effervescent an adjective? effervescent adjective (ACTIVE) active, positive, and full of energy: She’s one of those effervescent personalities that you often see hosting TV game shows.

Secondly, how do you use effervescent in a sentence?


  1. The soda pop was so effervescent, that its bubbles tickled my nose.
  2. When I added baking soda to the vinegar, it created an effervescent effect.
  3. He had an upset stomach and wanted something effervescent to help calm it.

Is sparkling a verb?

verb (used with object), spar·kled, spar·kling. to cause to sparkle: moonlight sparkling the water; pleasure sparkling her eyes.

What is effervescent used for?

GENERIC NAME: POTASSIUM SUPPLEMENT EFFERVESCENT TABLET- ORAL (poh-TASS-ee-um) USES: This medication is a mineral supplement used to prevent or treat low amounts of potassium in the blood. A normal level of potassium in the blood is important so that your cells, nerves, heart, muscles, and kidneys work properly.

What does effervescent mean in medicine?

Effervescent tablets are uncoated tablets containing substances that react in the presence of water and give off carbon dioxide. Dissolve two effervescent tablets in water to form a carbonated liquid. Effervescent tablets break down quickly when they are dropped into water or another liquid.

What is the root word of vivacious?

It’s no surprise that vivacious means “full of life,” since it can be traced back to the Latin verb vivere, meaning “to live.” The word was created around the mid-17th century using the Latin adjective vivax, meaning “long-lived, vigorous, high-spirited.” Other descendants of “vivere” in English include “survive,” “

Do effervescent tablets work faster?

CONCLUSION: Paracetamol effervescent tablets are absorbed significantly faster than ordinary paracetamol. Thus, effervescent tablets might offer significantly faster pain relief when paracetamol is used.

How does effervescence occur?

Effervescence is the formation of gas bubbles in a liquid by a chemical reaction. An example of effervescence is the release of carbon dioxide which bubbles as a gas from the liquid when limestone chips, which are composed of calcium carbonate, are added to dilute hydrochloric acid.

What is concrete efflorescence?

Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of salts that can form when water is present in or on brick, concrete, stone, stucco or other building surfaces. It has a white or greyish tint and consists of salt deposits left behind when water evaporates.

What are white effervescent tablets?

Effervescent or carbon tablets are tablets which are designed to dissolve in water, and release carbon dioxide. To use them, they are dropped into water to make a solution. The powdered ingredients are also packaged and sold as effervescent powders or may be granulated and sold as effervescent granules.

How do you make effervescent tablets?

Ingredients and equipment 1 cup (250 ml) baking soda. ? cup (80 ml) citric acid* 1 tbsp. ( 15 ml) cornstarch or arrowroot. 1 tbsp. ( 15 ml) water. 90 drops of essential oil. Use whatever you have available. You can use just one or mix several together. Spray bottle. Silicone moulds.

How do you use the word epiphany in a sentence?

epiphany Sentence Examples In the first grade, I experienced an epiphany that girls were always treated differently than boys. His everyday reports seems to consist of one epiphany after another, followed by periods of self-doubt and isolation. Then, at 18, she had her own very real epiphany to deal with: a first child.

How do you use egregious in a sentence?

egregious Sentence Examples Egregious errors were caused by the tablet’s failure to check spelling. It was the most egregious act the government has ever perpetrated. The egregious mistake these couples made was not spending enough time seriously planning for a lifetime together in marriage.

How do you use nonchalance in a sentence?

nonchalance Sentence Examples His nonchalance made her angry. The guardsman struck with nonchalance that told Jule just how much he was being underestimated. While he feigned nonchalance, it was obvious he was as proud as a kid with a new toy to show them what he’d discovered.

How do you use effete in a sentence?

Sentence Examples If there be any sour or sodden or effete soil into which the roots have not run, this should be carefully picked out with a pointed stick. The Revolution, according to him, meant the sweeping away of effete beliefs and institutions, but implied also the necessity of a reconstructive process.

How do you use elusive in a sentence?

elusive Sentence Examples She wanted something as elusive as the scent. The answer appears as elusive for us as it did for Plato. As lawyers are aware, reasonableness is a notoriously elusive concept. Since 1866 he had been pursuing an elusive appearance of glory. Unfortunately, the right content can prove frustratingly elusive.

How do you use the word formula in a sentence?

formula Sentence Examples Every morning before I went to school I had chores to do, which began with mixing up the formula and feeding the calves. The students could not figure out the math problem until their teacher provided them with a helpful formula. The baby was unable to breastfeed, so her mother had to use formula instead.