What does Ender learn about the buggers?

What does he learn about the buggers? Ender finds the Giant’s corpse, the playground, the castle tower, and the mirror, just as it was in the fantasy game. Ender learns the buggers found his mind and knew his darkest dreams. Ender knows the buggers were trying to give him a message.

Ender is really the only character who feels for the buggers, for he is the only one whose compassion extends not just to all human beings, but to all sentient beings. The buggers are intelligent life, and to kill them all is a horrible thing to Ender, even if there was no choice.

Secondly, what are buggers in Enders game? The Formics, also known as Buggers, are a fictional ant-like alien species from the Ender’s Game series of science fiction novels by Orson Scott Card.

In this manner, how did the buggers communicate with Ender?

Ender does not want to destroy. command is, Graff tells Ender all he knows about the buggers. Ender learns that they communicate instantaneously, and that from them humans learned how to do the same. They have the ansible, a device that allows ships to talk to each other from across the galaxy.

What is Ender’s plan for his future?

Ender will travel through space with Valentine.

Who is the only teacher in Ender’s Game?

Mazer Rackham

How old is ender when he defeated the buggers?

At only six years old, Ender Wiggin was taken from his family to battle school in an attempt to train him to destroy the buggers.

Did Ender find a home for the Queen?

Empathizing with the Queen, Ender promises to find her a home to grow where the Buggers would not be annihilated by the humans. After writing the book, Ender and Valentine depart in a ship in an attempt to find a planet that would allow the Queen to grow, and that they could call their new home.

Why is Ender self destructing?

Why is Ender self-destructing? Ender sees the truth about his past in his dreams. He cannot accept his past as a killer. Ender enters the simulator room and sees men he does not know, Anderson, and Graff.

Why does Ender refer to himself as Speaker for the Dead?

In the book “Ender’s Game”, why does Ender refer to himself as Speaker for the Dead? Ender thereby becomes the only person who knows the story of the dead formic race and he decides to ‘speak for the dead’ – to tell their story, most importantly, from THEIR perspective. This is how he earns the title The Genocide.

Who does Ender kill in Ender’s Game?

In the book, Ender Wiggin kills two children who start fights with him: a bully named Stilson, and a school rival named Bonzo. In the movie, he puts Stilson “in the hospital,” and leaves Bonzo in a coma.

What knowledge did Ender gain that enabled him to write the hive queen?

The knowledge that Ender gained to enable him to write The Hive-Queen was from the queen herself, when she told Ender how the buggers didn’t know that humans were intelligent life forms, so they tried to kill us, but then realized what we were and left us alone, but it was too late.

What does Ender find behind the mirror?

Behind the mirror Ender finds the pupa of a bugger queen, and the queen communicates with him. She shows him the images of the battles, from the buggers’ point of view, and then sends images to his mind of what he needs to do to let her live again and start a new bugger civilization.

What happens to Petra in Ender’s Game?

Finally, Petra cracked and fell asleep during a battle, causing heavy losses to her troops; her entire army would have been wiped out had Bean not noticed her inattention. After that, Ender stopped depending on her so heavily and Petra lost most of her truculence.

What does Ender want out of life?

What does Ender want out of life? Ender wants to live his life with his mother, father, sometimes Peter and especially Valentine. Ender misses his family very much, and started to regret going to battle school since he can’t see his family (44).

What happens to Ender after Ender’s Game?

After the Formic War, Ender becomes a traveller through the Universe (and implicitly through Time) in his search for an appropriate planet where the Formic Queen in the cocoon can hatch and establish her civilization. He becomes a Speaker for the Dead at funerals and lectures in a university.

How has Ender gained the respect of everyone at Battle School?

How has Ender gained the respect of everyone at Battle School? By watching the camaraderie of old friends. By training launchies better than anyone else. She thinks he’s there because of her nets activity, but he’s there to ask her about Ender.

Why does Ender cry after the fight with Bonzo?

Ender realizes he must make Bonzo fear him enough never to fight him again. Ender feels terrible about how he hurt Bonzo, and begins to cry. Ender is given a battle at seven o’clock that night against two armies. He does not want to fight and cannot believe the assignment.

Why does Ender chest start trembling?

Ender’s chest begins to tremble because Valentine “had found his weakest place and stabbed him there” Peter has the ability to destroy Ender even if Ender does destroy the buggers. Ender wants Peter to love him, and he knows Peter never will.