What is steel log siding?

Steel log siding is a unique type of siding made from steel that looks like real wood logs. It was invented and is manufactured in Colorado, where strong siding is a must to stand up to extreme weather.

Steel log siding cost is $7.50 to $15.00 per square foot for the material and installation. The cost range reflects differences in material options and installation complexity. By comparison, natural wood log siding ranges from $4.50 to $14.00 per square foot.

One may also ask, how much does log cabin siding cost? Overall, the average cost of log siding is $4.30 per square foot without figuring in labor or other construction factors. However, the price can go up to $8 or be as low as $0.70 per sq. ft. depending on the quality and type of material.

Also to know, is log siding expensive?

The price of half-log siding varies widely across the country, but generally it costs $9 to $12 per square foot for the siding, as well as the staining and sealing it needs. The price of half-log siding is fairly expensive, and steel log siding comes at just a fraction of the cost.

Is there siding that looks like logs?

EverLog Siding is an engineered concrete log siding and concrete timber siding product used in renovations and new construction. Designed to perform better than logs our simulated log siding will instantly transform the look and performance of any cabin, home or commercial structure.

Is there a vinyl siding that looks like wood?

The wood-siding look is one of the most popular siding styles out there. Vinyl siding that looks like wood is one option that appeals to many people. Vinyl siding can give you the look of real wood with authentic texture on both planks and shingles.

Is wood siding better than vinyl?

Vinyl Siding. Vinyl siding in the cheaper choice of the two and is easier to install. Even high-grade vinyl siding that cost as much as wood siding is still cheaper to install since the process is easier and faster. Good quality wood siding can cost 250% more than vinyl siding of similar quality.

What are logs worth?

in it and would fetch about $500 dollars delivered to a sawmill. The top log in the pile and the second log up in the tree has about 200 bf. in it and would be worth about $175. Most high-dollar logs are veneer-quality logs.

How much does seamless steel siding cost?

Steel Siding Average Cost Expect to pay somewhere around $4 to $8 per square foot installed for steel siding. On an average-sized home, the total average cost might be $6,000 to $8,000, though in some cases might be as much as $10,000 to $12,000 or more.

How long does cedar siding last?

Cedar siding endures the elements well and if maintained properly can last many years. Some manufacturers offer warranties of 25 years or more. Cedar is classified as a durable species. The proper application of a finish coat will allow cedar siding to last for decades.

What is d log siding?

Also referred to as Quarter Log Siding, our solid wood 2×8 “D” Log Siding can be applied on any conventional frame construction while still achieving the rustic look and feel of a log home. 2×8 White Pine “D” Log Siding Features & Benefits: • Easy & Quick Installation.

How do you replace half log siding?

Step 1: Clean Half Log Siding. Anytime there is the need for some log siding repair is it important to clean the surface first. Step 2: Cut Away Damaged Piece. Step 3: Treat Ends of Log Siding. Step 4: Install With Oly Screws. Step 5: Use Shims if Needed. Step 6: Caulk All Joints. Step 7: Match Stain.

What is a half log home?

Half-logs simply attach to the 2X framing of a stick frame wall. With half-log siding, you can get the external look of a log home on the outside but not on the inside, as the siding can be installed right over an existing stick framed home.

What is the best siding for a mobile home?

Vinyl Siding Vinyl is installed on over 30% of all new homes making it the most popular siding choice for both mobile homes and site-built homes. It’s a favorite siding choice because it’s longlasting, affordable, and looks great.

What type of siding lasts the longest?

Stucco is another long-lasting siding choice, because with proper maintenance it can last approximately 50 years. However, stucco can be susceptible to rot and moisture, particularly if it’s been painted. Wood siding can last even longer than comparable synthetic materials – even 100 years or longer.

Can cedar siding be left untreated?

Left untreated, cedar shakes — individual planks of one of several varieties of cedar — will discolor and begin to soften, with a possibility of rot after about five years, depending on the climate. There are several options for covering cedar siding, including stain, a clear treatment or paint.

Can you put siding over a log cabin?

While I would never want to see beautiful logs get covered up with siding, I will say that it is possible to cover the logs with siding. Secondly, siding the house will create some irregular cavities between the logs that will need to be filled with insulation.

Is it cheaper to paint a house or put siding on it?

Painting is the first option. It is much less expensive than siding with any material, and if done carefully will give your home a fresh look and protection against weather damage that can last several years. Typical exterior paint costs between $25 and $40 a gallon, and premium paint is twice that at $50 to $100.