When did Create and Craft TV launch?

Create and Craft began broadcasting nationally into approximately 40 million homes on December 29 on Direct TV channels 85 and 222 and Dish Network channel 221. Programming can also be watched 24 hours a day at www.createandcraft.com and via Roku.

Currently Create and Craft are on Freeview channel 36.

Furthermore, why have tonic left Create and Craft? You may by now have heard the news that Crafter’s Companion, Tonic and Craft Buddy have chosen to leave Hochanda in order to seek further opportunities for their businesses.

Keeping this in consideration, is Tonic going back to create and craft?

Create and Craft are proud to be working with Tonic again and we look forward to a prosperous future working together. Simon Bathard, Director – Tonic Studios Ltd, commenting said: Tonic Studios are delighted to now be offering all our brands on the Create and Craft Channel.

What channel is Create and Craft on Sky?

Create and CraftChannel Number 674. Unleash your creativity with a range of craft products brought to you by Create and Craft.

Is create and craft on Freesat?

Create and Craft TV is the Viewers’ Choice – It’s Official! Create and Craft has won TV Channel of the Year in this year’s Freesat Awards, after being voted the best by the public. I’d like to congratulate the winners as we look forward to bringing viewers even more exciting channels and services in the future.”

Who are the presenters on Create and Craft?

Our Presenters Andy. Love. Dean. Wilson. Martyn. Parker. Stephanie. Weightman. Dan. Bancroft. Nigel. May. Ben. Moseby. Loen. Love.

What channel is create and craft on virgin?

channel 748

What does Hochanda stand for?

This is the future of online and TV channels.” Hochanda, which stands for home of crafts, hobbies and arts, broadcasts 24/7 to more than 100,000 viewers every day on Sky, Freeview, Freesat, online and via its own apps.

Has Dave left Hochanda?

Crafters take to Dave Bradford, craft presenter, Facebook page to bid farewell as he reveals that he is leaving Hochanda TV. Dave Bradford, craft presenter, leaves Hochanda TV. This sadly means I am having to leave behind my amazing team and friends at HOCHANDA.

Are Tonic leaving Hochanda?

Tonic Studios release their statement on leaving Hochanda TV for Create and Craft TV. From March 2019 we will be working with Create and Craft to help us deliver a TV experience showcasing some of the exciting new products we have for 2019.

Who is the new presenter on Hochanda?

Sharon Curtis

How can I watch Hochanda?

Download ‘Hochanda’ on Google Play for the ultimate viewing experience on your Android device. You’ll find all our shows on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Simply type ‘Hochanda’ into the search bar and press download. Whether you’re in the U.S. or U.K, download and watch us on Roku by searching ‘Hochanda Crafts’.

Has creative expressions moved to create and craft?

2019 Creative Expressions have reunited with the Original and Multi-Award Winning TV Craft Channel, Create and Craft. Create and Craft are extremely excited to be working once again in partnership with Creative Expressions, re-launching on the channel with their first live show airing on the 28th March.

What happened to the craft channel?

It’s now emerged that on 22 November channel owners Craft Channel Ltd entered administration, with the channel itself being taken over by a separate company, Agency Communications Ltd, on 5 December. The channel then continued to trade under its new ownership.