Why is Pope John Paul II important?

Pope John Paul II is remembered for his successful efforts to end communism, as well as for building bridges with peoples of other faiths, and issuing the Catholic Church’s first apology for its actions during World War II. He was succeeded by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who became Pope Benedict XVI.

John Paul II was the first globally oriented pope, and he increased the global prestige of the papacy. His emphasis on religious and national freedom was unprecedented. He also centralized control over Catholic educational institutions and maintained traditional church positions on gender and sexual issues.

Also Know, why was Pope John Paul II made a saint? Their canonizations were held on 27 April 2014. The decision to canonize was made official by Pope Francis on 5 July 2013 following the recognition of a miracle attributed to the intercession of John Paul II, while John XXIII was canonized for his merits of opening the Second Vatican Council.

Also to know, what Pope John Paul II was known for?

He was made a cardinal by Pope Paul VI in 1967, and in 1978 became the first non-Italian pope in more than 400 years. He was a vocal advocate for human rights and used his influence to effect political change. He died in Italy in 2005.

What did Pope John Paul II die from?

Heart failure

What is the pope called?

The Pope (Latin: papa from Greek: πάππας pappas, “father”), also known as the Supreme Pontiff (Pontifex Maximus), or the Roman Pontiff (Romanum Pontificem), is the Bishop of Rome, leader of the worldwide Catholic Church, and head of state representing the Holy See.

Who was the youngest pope?

The probable youngest popes are: Pope John XI (931–935, who was 20 at the beginning of his papacy) Pope John XII (955–964, became pope at either 18 or 25 years old) Pope Gregory V (996–999, who was 24 at the beginning of his papacy)

Who was the first pope?


What did Pope John Paul II support?

A conservative pontiff, John Paul II’s papacy was marked by his firm and unwavering opposition to communism and war, as well as abortion, contraception, capital punishment, and homosexual sex. He later came out against euthanasia, human cloning, and stem cell research.

When was the last Italian pope?

John Paul I remains the most recent Italian-born pope, the last in a succession of such popes that started with Clement VII in 1523. He was declared a Servant of God by his successor, John Paul II, on 23 November 2003, the first step on the road to sainthood.

What was the significance of Pope John Paul making it to the Vatican?

The Vatican says Pope John Paul II is to become a saint. Pope Francis cleared the way for his canonisation, expected later this year, after a second miracle was attributed to the late pontiff’s intervention. The Polish-born pope led the Roman Catholic Church from 1978 until his death in 2005.

Who was the pope in 1967?

Pope Paul VI

Who was the first non Italian pope?

John Paul II

Who shot the pope?

Mehmet Ali Ağca

Who was the longest serving pope?

Popes with the longest reigns Bl. Pius IX (1846–1878): 31 years, 7 months and 23 days (11,560 days). St. John Paul II (1978–2005): 26 years, 5 months and 18 days (9,665 days).

What does it mean to be pope?

The Pope is the Bishop of Rome, and thereby the world leader of the Catholic Church. The word comes from the Latin papa, which means “father.” He is also the head of the Vatican, the tiny, sovereign, city-state within Rome.

How many popes are saints?

In the last 1,000 years, just seven popes have been made saints, including the two being canonized on Sunday. It will be the first time in the 2,000-year history of the church that two popes will be declared saints at one time.

How many popes were not Italian?

There have been 196 popes from Italy, 16 from France, 15 Greeks (of whom 3 born in Greece), 8 from Germany, 6 from Syria, 3 from Africa, 3 from Iudaea (Israel), 2 from Portugal, 2 from Spain, and one each from: England (Adrian IV); the Netherlands (Adrian VI); Poland (John Paul II); and most recently, Argentina (

What does the pope do?

A pope’s duties The broad job description for the role of pope is the head of the Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome. The pope is also the head of the sovereign city-state, Vatican City. What this means on a daily basis is that the pope, in this case Pope Francis I, has duties both political and religious.